Friday, September 11, 2009


Today marks the 8th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. The heart always gets a little heavy leading up to the 11th. It is a grim reminder of better times. And what you've lost.

When I started in music, Shawn was always one of my biggest supporters. When obstacles continuously reared their heads, he always simplified what always seemed to be the most complex of issues. And with a smile. Not many things in life seemed to phase him. He showed me the importance of resilience and developing tough skin.

He always said he envied me for being so laser focused at all times. He said he had joined the military and served in the FDNY because it gave him structure and focus.

But it was I who envied him for being able to bring out the best in everyone. I believe that to be an inbred, innate talent, not something you're taught. I have tried since to emulate this natural ability, with very little success. But I'm gonna keep trying.

He said that one day I will be a great leader and I would walk with the greatest in my field. But I have already walked alongside one of the greats.

On days like today, I remember a street I loved to walk, but can no longer go down, because you lit it.

I'll keep working towards being a better person. Thanks for leaving a cool blueprint homie.