Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Big City - DougSimpson feat. Slim

What it is folks. Here is the first single from my EP Sketches. The song "Big City" has been featured on MTV's Real World: Brooklyn as well as being featured as the title track for comedian Owen Smith's DVD Anonymous (thank you Mr. Smith!). Big up to Slim of Euphon for holdin' me down on this track man.

My EP Sketches is scheduled for release on April 28th. Thanks for your continued support.

Download the free single - Big City

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Brick walls.

You ever been in a figurative car with someone and could see the brick wall coming as the driver continues to floor the gas pedal? Did you say something, did you just bail or did you just brace for impact?

I gotta tell ya, I don't like the feel or taste of metal and glass. I will say something, a couple of times. But when we are about a quarter-mile away from the brick wall and you refuse to listen, I unbuckle the ol' seat belt, unlock the passenger door and tuck and roll.

Stubbornness stems from one feeling like he/she has no control over a situation. You behave stubbornly because you've got it all under control. Counsel is pointless because this is what you want to do. When you want to do it. A little lonely isn't it?

We all have our moments of bull-headed action(s). I think we should get a pass for one or two. But if your life is based in this realm of facade cars and brick walls, then let me apologize now. I will not be riding in your vehicle, as nice and shiny as it may seem. Brick walls are unforgiving at 75mph. Especially the ones we subconsciously construct ourselves.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ignorance is bliss...

So we're in a recession. Our government is shelling out money; to taxpayers, the unemployed and big business. Big business is utilizing its spoils. Only in America can you screw up your own finances, ask someone else for money and continue on with business as usual. Granted, that's messed up, but isn't it what we are taught? Pass the buck? Your mistakes are someone else's fault? These businesses are clearly telling the rest of us "step your hustle up."

But enough finger wagging. I believe now is a time to focus on something more dire. The next generation. Robert Kiyosaki stated that our inner city kids are missing something far more important from their daily educational process. Financial education. We grow up around some of the basics of business education. Supply and demand. Unfortunately, it is in a violent environment, but the lesson is still the same. Whether its the street or Capitol Hill, we're hustlers, at least the business minded amongst us. The streets are lawless for the most part; Capitol Hill hides behind lawyers. The streets would too, if they could afford 'em.
Roughly 95% of our country are taught to go to school, go through various degree and accreditation programs and someday, if you're at the top of your class, then you may excel. Maybe. Of course, the problem with this thinking is there are more people unemployed, which makes for tighter competition. The small wedge of cheese to a box full of mice.

This is the time of the entreprenuer. It is these individuals, partners and groups that will create the small and mid-sized businesses that will create jobs, which will stimulate the econmoy. But if the next gen doesn't know how attain assets, reduce expenses and manage money, the cycle of poverty and despair will continue. And I know what you're thinking, "here he comes with his over-simplification again." This time your right. Yes, I am over-simplifying because it is that simple. In addition to Math, Science, and Geography add to this Finance Basics. I mean the simplicties of of supply and demand. Kids creating mock businesses and learning about overhead expenses, basic marketing and advertising, service versus product businesses, etc.

Yes, it may seem boring, but it only was made to seem boring. Making money is actually fun. Especially if you doing you love doing. Kids would probably figure out their calling sooner in life so their adult lives would be a bit more focused.

But then again, it is easier to complain about your problems rather than working toward a solution. Sweet sweet ignorance.

Friday, March 13, 2009

As Your World Turns.

I think everyone has one time or another come to a turning point or fork in the road. You know that point that you have to make a tough decision or two? How did you handle it? Or did you let the chips fall where they may so you didn't have to deal?

The messed up part of the latter is that a lot of people take that route. My question is... why? Why would you want the world to decide your fate? Granted, we all have to make some tough choices at times, but wouldn't you rather make the choice than have the decision made for you? I think it would be tougher to deal with a conclusion handed to me without allowing me to come to my own decision. Some decisions are just the lesser of two evils.

I believe if you continue to let the world decide what's right for you, you become a shell of what makes you, you. You'll never be happy, truly happy.

No one said this run through life would be easy. Some of us have it much harder than others. But isn't it nice to know that you're in the driver's seat instead of letting someone else floor the pedal for you, only to bail on you before you slam into a brick wall?

As your world turns, know that it's YOUR world. You can shape it and change it, even at its bleakest points.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Stay in Your Lane.

There was time when I worried about what other folks were doing or not doing. I spend hours on end wondering why someone would not take advantage of opportunities that were right in front of them. But I learned two very important lessons from this bad habit of mine.

One, most people don't cherish and/or appreciate anything that is GIVEN to them. To most, there is no real value attached because they didn't give up anything, they didn't lose anything, but they gained it all.

But more importantly, I learned something else about myself. That two, I was afflicted with envy. I was so concerned with others and their "opportunities" not because I couldn't understand why they didn't take full advantage of them, but because I was not being given that same opportunity. I liken this to someone sitting at a table in a five-star restaurant in the VIP section with the finest of food and drink, but they can't see that because they are so preoccupied with what's on everyone else's table.

What changed my perception is the fact that one knows how these opportunities were attained. To sit and contemplate someone else's fortune just doesn't make sense. At least to me anymore.

So, with that train of thought, I began a journey of self-definition, self-security and self-confidence. One step at a time, one day at a time. Today, I don't worry about other people's success or fortune. Instead, I say "that's what's up" and continue down my road of success.

Sometimes the street you follow someone down is not the lane intended for you.