Friday, July 17, 2009

The Beautiful Struggle

It's funny, but in general, people are not very complex when it comes to action and accountability. You are either proactive or reactive. You do something about circumstances or you wait and react to a circumstance. Call it what you will "workshopping", "researching", whatever. It is still an excuse as to why you haven't started. Or finished.

As I continue to network, it is always beautiful to see folks in motion. Progression. Whether it's giant steps or baby steps, as the saying goes "slow motion is better than no motion".

How much have you/are you willing to spend to get to where to need to be? I am not just talking finances, but effort, drive, passion and most important, time. Your time. Your effort. Your resource. Every choice you make alters the universe around you. When you do absolutely nothing, the universe continues its motion, bringing whatever is in its movement to your doorstep.

Regardless of what you been told and/or heard, you can change your circumstances. Make choices to grind towards a goal. Your goal. Yeah, everybody wants money. And those that have some want even more. But ask any of those that have it if they love what they're doing. The majority will tell you "yes".

The proactive folks have gotten this far in this article.

If you are just getting started, go in! If you've been at it for a minute, keeping pushing. Hard work towards a goal gets results. It'll all be worth your beautiful struggle.

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